About Our Company

N.R.Marketing was founded in December 1997 by our Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Naresh  Agarwala. Being a connoisseur and lover of tea himself, his dream was to fill the gap in the tea segment, specifically for value-added Anjani Gold teas cleaned and packed at the origin. Prepared with the Passion of Purity.
At Anjani Gold teas we believe in the sanctity of the originality of pure teas and therefore make every conceivable effort to retain its purity and originality. Our production team ensures that no tea of one origin is ever blended with teas of any other origins. As a result what you get is just, the Passion of Purity.
All The Brands in all its consumer packs of teas as a mark of authentication of the purity and origin of our teas.

The Company is also backed by a dedicated and technically competent professionals, who are experienced in the field of tea leaves selection, manufacturing procedure, tea tasting, processing, cleaning, flavouring and packaging in our ‘State-of-the-Art' Tea Plant.


We Are Also A Big Dealer Of MB. Group Of Companies For Suman Tea.

Suman Tea is the most premium range in our product profile primarily targeting at the upper segment and is available through our network of retailers and wholesalers in the north and northeastern regions of the country. Suman Tea provides a strong cup of tea and presents a blend of good quality Assam and Dooars CTC tea, which offers consumers a full-bodied creamy cup with an exclusive taste, rich colour, and aroma.

Available in attractive packing of all sizes, Suman Tea’s blend originates from the Dooars and Assam region of India and its rich taste, strong natural flavour and sensuous aroma is bound to relax your senses.


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The withered leaves are rolled under mild-pressure between metal plates which results in twisting of the leaves. Due to the pressure, the cells in the leaves rupture, thereby releasing the juices in the leaves, rendering the rolled leaves to moisten.

Sorting of different grades is done by sorting machines which are fitted with wire mesh trays that revolve or vibrate. The tea is passed over wire mesh of varying sizes so that the whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings and dust grades fall at different places. These sorted teas comprise the different grades.